Our grills are constructed from varying layers of fabric and metal mesh. Your choice of fabric will have a dramatic effect on the appearance and can also effect the response of the microphone. Some fabric types can restrict flow and attenuate the proximity effect while others allow air to move more freely. Choose the right fabric/colour for you based on how you intend to use the mic.

Supply an image/drawing etc for us to reconstruct, or we can do the design work for you using your desired text/name etc. Once the design is ready for etching we email you a proof to approve before we proceed to ensure the design meets your expectations. Keep in mind that the electrolysis etching method has some limitations.

Simple line work will produce the best results

Custom Grille

Custom Etching

Ribbon Gauge

2.5 micron or 4 micron.

The thickness of the ribbon material has subtle effects on the response of the microphone. 

Thinner = faster transient response, resulting in the illusion of more high frequency detail. also higher output.

Thicker = Lower output impedance, more durable, ideal for electric guitars and other applications where HF roll off is desirable. 

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