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How does it sound?

The recordings produced by this microphone are intimate, full of life and character, and sound as though you're in the room with the musician. The tone is rich, natural and warm, displaying the full body of the sound source. Listen for yourself!

Do i need a pop filter?

What is a 'ribbon'?

In this case, the ribbon part of the microphone is a 2.5 micron strip of 99.9% pure aluminium. It has been corrugated in our specialised mechanism to give it a spring-like quality allowing it to move freely in the pressure gradient between two magnets when acted upon by sound waves.

What about a shock mount?

Only when recording vocals, or placed in front of a kick drum etc, in which case a pop filter is essential.

Is there a front and back?

For an additional $30 you will recieve the shock mount as pictured.

Yes. although neither side is considered 'front' or 'back' the opposite sides have different sound profiles. The side you prefer is subjective and depends on the instrument and recording technique.

Will phantom power destroy the ribbon?

Accidental application of phantom power is unlikely to ruin the ribbon in our microphones, but it won't be good for it. So be careful and don't risk it!

What happens if i accidentally drop it?

The microphone is designed to be very tough. it is highly unlikely you will compromise the structural integrity of the build, but the ribbon element it's-self is inherently fragile and can distort, stretch and tear if the mic is not handled with care. In the case of damage to the ribbon or body, I offer a free ribbon replacement with each sale and any further servicing is always welcomed.

What Pre-Amp's/interface are suitable for use with a HOHM ribbon mic?

 One of the main considerations while designing this microphone was to create a highly sensitive mic capable of producing a strong, clean output signal, thus increasing it's flexibility when it comes to pre-amp selection. Any consumer grade interface with reasonable quality mic pre's and standard 3 pin XLR input jack will be fine.

For optimum results we recommend a pre-amp input impedance of over 2000 Ohms.