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The HR02 is a passive stereo ribbon mic based on the tried and true foundations of the HR01.


You get a 'mid-side/Blumlein' matched stereo configuration built into a single mic. This provides a stereo image with a sense of space and width unmatched in the price range. Perfect as a go-to all-rounder, drum rooms, live performances, field recordings... anything you can throw at it. 

The 5 pin XLR output can be easily routed to 2 standard 3 pin XLR's with our 'Five 2 Three' splitter.


  • 2 x matched ribbon transducers

  • Low noise floor, passive circuitry

  • EMI shielding aluminium construction

  • Fixed Mid-Side/Blumlein configuration

  • Transformers custom made in UK

  • Hand etched branding

  • Fast Transient Response

  • Durable anodized finish

  • Giant N45 NdFeB magnets

  • Gold plated 5 pin XLR

  • Reinforced mesh grille

  • Built in shock absorption

  • H=294mm D=44mm W=463 grams

  • Highly customisable upon request