The Mic



Modern, passive, figure 8 polar pattern studio ribbon mic with natural, intimate tonal characteristics.

Made by hand using local raw materials and highest quality European components.

Totally unique transducer design provides two distinct sound profiles.

Includes hard case.

*shock mount is additional $30.

Special Series



To keep things interesting we occasionally make special one of a kind microphones. The HRS1 Utilizes the same tried and true transducer as the HR01 but has significant decorative embellishment. These mics are targeted towards the collector or anyone who wants a mic that performs with the best... plus a little more zest.


Grille, Etch & Ribbon

Price Negotiable

  • Choose your grille colour. 

  • Work with us to design your personalized etching!

  • Choose between 2.5 or 4.0 micron

ribbon to suit various applications.

  • Choose your finish.

       Anodised, Polished etc.


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