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"Hohm Run"

"Building a ribbon mic that has useful frequency response from 50Hz all the way up to 20kHz is no mean feat, and other models that do so tend to be quite expensive. The HR01 is thus very competitively priced, especially considering that it is entirely hand made. The difference in tone between the front and rear sides is enough to significantly increase it's versatility, and I was also impressed by its obliviousness to electromagnetic interference. There was no hum or buzz pickup that I could detect at any real-world gain setting, which can be an important consideration when using ribbon mics on quiet acoustic instruments. All in all, an impressive start for a new mic manufacturer, and I look forward to seeing what else Hohm come up with in the future."

- Sam Inglis (SOS Chief Editor, Recording Engineer)

"I had the honor/distinction of being able to review the Hohm HRP1 ribbon mic. I didn't gush as much on the video since i wanted to stay somewhat impartial, but this mic KICKS ASS. more!

- Anthony Paganini (Founder/Engineer @ MEI Studio)

"Hohm ribbon mics are my new secret weapon.

They’re more forgiving on harsh upper-mids than vintage ribbons I’ve owned for 20 years”

- Ian Cooper (Violinist)

Silverchair I Tommy EmmanueI I Olivia Newton-John

"Big props… Bottom end is there like you want it, and it doesn’t have the cheap mid range of the Chinese ribbons… and the top end is beautiful. Not sure how you have done it, but it sounds like a really classy ribbon!"

- Fraser Montgomery (The Aviary Studios)

" Handmade with a little TLC in Victoria, Australia, local manufacturer Hohm are quickly developing a reputation for producing awesome sounding bespoke Microphones that more than outperform their modest, egalitarian price-point."

- Mixdown Magazine

"The recordings sound epic, It makes everything I record work. All I have to do is figure out where to place the mic."

- Jim Nightshade (Musician)

" It looks like the HR01 is going to be my
new fav. It has more clarity in the upper frequencies and is picking up less subsonic noise than it's russian counterpart. The proximity effect is not so extreme, so I don't have to decrease the lows by heavy filtering"

- Claus Misfeldt (Broadcast sound engineer)

"Had the absolute pleasure of using a hand made ribbon mic from Hohm Microphones. The Clarity and tone were amazing!"

- Ben Sorensen  (voice over artist)

"That mic [HR02] is truly an incredible piece of gear and super easy to get inspiring sounds out of."

- Adam Bradley Schreiber (Drummer/Percussionist/Producer)

C.W.Stoneking I Dan Auerbach I Oz Fritz

"That HR02 is unreal man. Truly finessed, can't find a way to make it sound bad. The front is perfect for drums and guitar, the back has been shining on piano and acoustic guitar (especially mid-side)."

- Griffin Breshears (Audio Engineer)

"Loving the mics! We tracked the Didirri and Ro vocals on them and i've been using them on the amp for electrics too. They're super warm and delicious!!! ... Used it on a baritone electric through a (Fender) Hot Rod and it collected all the bass end perfectly. Rad on amps!" 

- Hayden Calnin (Producer/Musician)

"I recently got my first ribbon mic from Hohm Microphones... man it's AMAZING!!! I just have it about a foot away slightly above the center of the kick and it just captures the mid-lows and punch perfectly!"

- Teddy Grant (Session/Touring Drummer)

"They're amazing. I've recorded a few things with them.

Actually put it side by side with a _______ and they actually performed better to my ear."

- Rob Clarke (Producer/Musician)

"I like the high output and the sound of (the HR01).

To be completely honest I think I prefer the sound of the HR01 to the ______ for trombone"

- Luke Malewicz (Yamaha performing artist, Trombone)


"That stereo ribbon is the best thing I ever did for drums and acoustic guitar holy crap!"
- Kyle Brew (Songwriter/Musician)

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