"Hohm Ribbon mics are my new secret weapon.

They’re more forgiving on harsh upper-mids than vintage ribbons

I’ve owned for 20 years”

- Ian Cooper (Violinist)

Silverchair I Tommy EmmanueI I Olivia Newton-John 

"Loving the mics! We tracked the Didirri and Ro vocals on them and i've been using them on the amp for electrics too. They're super warm and delicious!!! ... Used it on a baritone electric through a (Fender) Hot Rod and it collected all the bass end perfectly. Rad on amps!" 

- Hayden Calnin (Producer/Musician)

"The recordings sound epic, It makes everything I record work.

All I have to do is figure out where to place the mic."

- Jim Nightshade (Musician)

"Had the absolute pleasure of using a hand made ribbon mic from Hohm Microphones. The Clarity and tone were amazing!"

- Ben Sorensen  (voice over artist)

"They're amazing. I've recorded a few things with them.

Actually put it side by side with a _______ and they actually performed better to my ear."

- Rob Clarke (Producer/Musician)

"Thanks Hohm Microphones, I'm in love with it."

- Tamara Nicol  (Singer)

"Trying out a Hohm Microphones ribbon mic on a few songs this weekend. It sounds amazing!"

- Tesoro Music Production

" A local, independently run company who produce high-quality handcrafted ribbon mics for the modern studio, all the while without breaking the bank - what’s not to like?"

- Mixdown Magazine

"I recently got my first ribbon mic from Hohm Microphones... man it's AMAZING!!! I just have it about a foot away slightly above the center of the kick and it just captures the mid-lows and punch perfectly!"

- Teddy Grant (Session/Touring Drummer)

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