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About Hohm Microphones

The main productive modes of my life have been in music, design and manufacturing. When it comes to music, I've always found the recording process to be one of the most fun and important aspects in the art of creating music, and a natural extension of the creative process. I designed the HR01 initially for myself because nice quality ribbon mics on the market were out of my price range. After hearing the results I was immediately taken with the idea that as a one man operation I could build great quality ribbon mics for people in similar positions to myself.


I'm often at my happiest when making microphones and feel lucky to have found a project that I want to pursue for the rest of my life. I've designed the mic in such a way that outsourcing of parts and processes is kept to a bare minimum and overheads are low, meaning that when you buy a Hohm

Microphone, you're buying direct from the guy who made it. No retail mark-up!

My goal for the business is to continue making each mic myself indefinitely. Rather than flooding the

market with more mass produced stuff, I personally take the care necessary to build at the highest quality while remaining affordable to independent musicians and small studios.

Nelson Walkom