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Hohm Microphones
Est. 2018

Hohm Microphones are individually hand crafted in the

Melbourne workshop using local raw materials and

highest quality components.

Designed to be an inspiring, life-long tool for home recordists

and audio engineers alike; Our microphones are versatile and robust

while providing the gentle warmth and intimate detail only a 

high quality ribbon mic can provide.

Our unique aluminium construction results in a wide 

spectrum response, low noise floor and low weight - All things

not commonly associated with traditional ribbon mics.

These factors make our mics distinct in the market and ideally suited

to the diverse requirements of the modern recording environment.

We keep overheads minimal and sell directly.

This means we can offer a boutique hand crafted product

to the market without pricing out independent producers and 

artist for whom this type of gear might otherwise 

be out of reach.

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