About Hohm Microphones

Designed and individualy crafted by musician and artist - Nelson Walkom, these

microphones combine our unique, modern transducer design with an elegant and minimal aesthetic.

The microphone is not modeled or styled after any other microphone on the market, but rather the result

of a completely fresh take, making it stand apart from the many "clones" or imitations out there. 


Not being bound by orthodox ideas of how microphones are typicaly manufactured, Hohm

microphones were designed to be made individualy or as stereo pairs to order. This allows us to

keep overhead costs to a bare minimum, making the price accesible for home producers/musicians

to whom a high end ribbon mic would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

Rather than trying to flood the market with more bulk produced equipment, we'd prefer

to focus more locally , making each mic to order with top shelf components and

concentrating on providing our customers with a unique experience and best service possible.

The sound quality will speak for itself, 

Just listen.

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