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A world class, passive ribbon mic designed to bring the luxury of hand crafted studio mics within reach of mere mortals - home producer and pro studio alike.

Natural, intimate tonal characteristics capture the full body of your source with the gentle warmth only ribbon transducers can provide. Made individually by hand in Australia using high quality raw materials and components.

​The Proprietary transducer is asymmetrical in design, which gives a subtle but practical difference in the response, front and back. Whether you need a little more presence or to mellow out a harsh source, just spin the mic around.

HR01 Original Ribbon Mic

    • Hard case & mount included

    • Figure 8 polar pattern 

    • 2.5 micron ribbon

    • Low noise floor

    • Interference shielding aluminium body

    • Tough reinforced mesh grille

    • Built in shock absorption

    • Durable anodized finish

    • Unique etched logo/serial No.

    • Giant N45 NdFeB magnets

    • Gold plated 3 pin XLR

    • H=185mm D=44mm W=300grams


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