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While maintaining the same structure as the original HR01, The HRP1 contains a couple of special ingredients that result in an even more refined and euphonic experience;


Super fast transient response, Tight lows, shimmering highs, crystal clear mid range, Attenuated sub-sonics and a more “3D” quality. 


The higher output, impressive noise floor and refined tonal characteristics of the HRP1 make it the perfect choice for acoustic/orchestral instruments.

HRP1 Premium Ribbon Mic

    • Hard case & mount included

    • Figure 8 polar pattern 

    • 1.8 micron ribbon

    • Super fast transient response

    • Transformer by SAMAR audio design

    • Low noise floor

    • Interference shielding aluminium body

    • Tough, reinforced mesh grille

    • Built in shock absorption

    • Durable anodized finish

    • Limited edition brass trim

    • Unique etched logo/serial No.

    • Giant N45 NdFeB magnets

    • Gold plated 3 pin XLR

    • H=185mm D=44mm W=350grams


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